Apiguard is the market leader in the fight against Varroa. The slow release Thymol gel has no harmful effect on the bee colony and can be used with confidence that it will not harm your bees. Apiguard is applied by placing the aluminium tray facing up on top of the brood frames. The thymol gel triggers the bees to start cleaning the hive by removing the thymol gel. The bees remove the gel via the brood chamber, leaving a trail of thymol behind them. This is also cleaned by following bees who spread the thymol throughout the colony. For best results use two applications 14 days apart.

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Apiguard not only kills varroa mites but is also effective in the fight against chalk brood and the tracheal mite. Apiguard is very easy to use. Placing the open tray facing upwards on the brood frames. Check after 10 days and if all the product has been removed repeat with a second tray. If there is still product in the try leave until day 14 and then replace. Leave the second tray in place between two and four weeks.

Apiguard works well in temperatures above 15'c as this helps thymol evaporate easily. In areas where the temperature is lower the treatment may take longer to complete. Always use Apiguard in a two treatment system, as this allows time for infected lave to hatch. Just a single treatment may miss sealed lave infected with the mite and this could result in re-infection.