Bee smoker

Our bee smokers are made of high quality steel, have an internal fuel stand and a detachable bellow. Designed in the “American smoker” style, these smokers are built to last. Each smoker has a steel protective cage and handy hook for storage.

£26.95 Bee smoker only
£34.95 Bee smoker & 2kg smoker pellets
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We use the smokers we stock ourselves and have found them excellent in keeping the fuel alight with just a few puffs of the bellow. Any beekeeper will know that having a smoker go out just when you need it can really ruin your day.

Over the years we have tried all kinds of smoker fuel and can say without a doubt that our bee smoker pellets are the best for the job. Please always remember not to use any fuel that may be harmful to your bees. Printed cardboard and newsprint give off toxic fumes and will harm the bees. Our smoker fuel is 100% natural pressed straw.

Beechwood Bees smokers, as with all our products are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. The price quoted includes VAT.