Hive Clean

BeeVital hive clean is a natural product used in the fight against Varroa. Being natural Hive Clean can be used at any time of the year and in almost all conditions. There is no effect on the honey flow and the interruption to the bees is not as severe as some other Varroa treatments. Prices include VAT.

£19.95 500ml Bottle.

£10.99 Pack of 10 Sticks - for single applications.
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Hive Clean, being non-toxic does not kill the Varroa mite instantly. Once applied, the Varroa mites are irritated and drop off the bees. It is important to use Hive Clean in conjunction with a Varroa open mesh floor as the mites will fall through the floor and not be able to climb back into the hive.

We really like using BeeVital Hive Clean on our own bees as it is non-toxic and we can use it at any time of the year. We particularly like the Hive Clean sticks which are conveniently packed into single dose sticks. Perfect for applying to the colony just before you close the hive up after inspection.

The application of Hive Clean is to dribble about 10ml of product over the brood frames once every two weeks, or every second inspection during the Summer months. The Hive Clean sticks have been packaged for individual application. One stick per brood box.