Beehive starter kit

We have put together a great starter kit for any beekeeper, experienced or beginner. Our starter kits are a popular choice as they offer excellent value when purchased as a kit. Perfect for beginners who want their first hive without all the fuss of shopping for extras. Our starter kit includes foundation (wax) and the ever popular book Bees at the bottom of the garden by Alan Campion. Price quoted includes VAT and standard delivery.

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Our kit consists of our popular National beehive, comprising of:

  • Varroa floor with inspection board.
  • Entrance block.
  • Brood box.
  • Wooden framed queen excluder.
  • Hoffman frames for brood box & one super.
  • crown board.
  • National 4" deep flat roof.
  • Foundation (wax sheets) for brood and one super.
  • You also get a smoker, beekeepers jacket (choice of size) beekeeping gloves (choice of size), a hive tool and the ever popular Bees at the bottom of the garden book by Alan Campion.

    Beechwood Bees national beehive starter kits, as with all our products are covered by our 100% money back guarantee.