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Quality beesuits, jackets, veils and gloves. Our beekeepers jackets and suits are made from fine white cotton which will keep you cooler in the hot sun and protect while you work. Our Jackets and suits have detachable veils which makes for easy maintenance. Our gloves are made of quality cowhide and come complete with an elbow length elasticated cotton sleeve.

Beekeeping gloves

Beekeepers gloves

Made from top quality hide, our beekeeping gloves have an elbow length extension to help keep the bees out.

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Bee Suit

Beekeepers suit

Full body bee suit with detachable veil and elasticated wrists and ankles.

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Overhead Veils

Overhead veil

Quick and easy overhead veils. Cost effective alternative to beekeepers suit.

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Beekeeping jacket

Beekeepers jacket

Jacket and veil for great protection and ease of use.

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