9 frame honey extractor

This honey extractor is perfect for people who have several hives or a group of people who wish to extract their own honey. Traditionally honey extractors have been ridiculously expensive, until now that is. At £370.00 (ex legs) including delivery this honey extractor is excellent value for people wanting to use their own extractor. The extractor can be used either as a 9 way radial or 3 way tangential extractor.

£370.00 Sorry, stock all spoken for. Please call or email customerservice@beechwoodbees.co.uk if you would like any further information or to place a backorder.
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This honey extractor is made from durable, top grade stainless steel. The tripod legs give the extractor excellent stability when extracting. Our 9 frame extractor comes complete with two perspex safety lids which allow you to safely view the extraction process.

Beechwood Bees honey extractors, as with all our products are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. The price quoted includes free standard delivery.