Nozevit is a natural way to treat Nosema in honey bee colonies. Nosema, a condition commonly associated with the honey bee's mid-gut is prevalent in many honey bee colonies but because it is difficult to diagnose goes unnoticed in most cases. Nozevit is easy to use and can be applied both in the summer and Autumn. Available in 50ml bottle or pack of 5 handy sticks.

£19.00 50ml Bottle.

£9.99 Pack of 5 Sticks - for single applications.
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Nosema is a parasitic disease found in the adult honey bee. Although there are no specific symptoms, the disease effects the bee's mid-gut causing dysentery both inside the hive on the comb and outside the hive close to the entrance. Colonies effected by Nosema are weakened over time and may eventually collapse. Nozevit helps return the natural pH value of the bees gut to it's normal levels, restoring the bee to full health.

We really like using Nozevit on our own bees as it is non-toxic and we can applied easily in a spray or feeder. The recommended application of 15-20 drops, can be sprayed onto the bees, added to sugar feed, or blended in a honey-sugar bread as an addition to stimulate feeding. The process should be carried out 2or 3 times over 10 days in the spring, summer and autumn months.