Queen cage.

Plastic Queen cage used for easy introduction of queen. This queen cage will also suit for postal services with enough room for queen a several workers. The cage is divided into tow sections with space for candy. One end of the cage has a handy lanyard attachment with the other a plastic push-out section for easy queen introduction.

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Queen cages are used to introduce a new queen to an existing colony that have lost their queen. Our cage comes with a handy push-out section on one side which allows for the slow introduction of the new queen. Introducing the queen to the new colony by "candy" method is an excellent way of ensuring calm introduction.

The "Candy introduction" method: Break out the end of the queen cage and put a piece of marshmallow in the hole. Place the cage in the recipient hive. The worker bees will take a few hours to gnaw their way through the marshmallow, which gives the colony enough time to get used to the new queen's pheromones.

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