Vitafeed gold

Vitafeed gold is a natural product, based on beet extract and molasses. Used to stimulate colony growth and generally strengthen a colony during Spring and Autumn in particular. Perfect for weaker colonies needing a boost, Vitafeed gold can be fed to colonies in early Spring to help them become established quickly. Vitafeed gold can be used at any time of the year and is perfect for bees in Autumn to help them overwinter. Although Vitafeed Gold does not contain any antibiotics, it has been extremely successful when applied to colonies suffering from Nosema. Available in 250ml bottles.

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Vitafeed gold

Vitafeed is made by the same company that produce the ever popular Apiguard. Vita have a long history of producing quality, natural products for bee health and wellbeing. Vitafeed gold is based on natural beet extract and molasses.

To use: Prepare a 1% solution of Vitafeed gold in sugar syrup. (50% water and 50% sucrose) Example: 10 ml of Vitafeed gold in 990ml of syrup. Apply the syrup in a feeder.